Another One Returns

My heart
has a bamboo-lined graveyard
full of all those boys
who sneaked past death
once or twice
no one can forever -
and when another one
goes, I seek comfort away
from the sprouting upside-down
tree of acid tears - throat trunk-filled,
fast diverging branches pushing
stinging grief
deep into my chest,
I walk
among the white confetti
petals flung down by spring rain
in a final homecoming parade -
and see them all, soft-eyed
and smiling,
finally at rest,
back among their ghost warrior
seeing for themselves that
crusty, rust-blushed bandages
are indeed shed
and wounds replaced
by purple lilac clusters,
seeing for themselves deathís truth:
the universe welcomes her
children back

Constance Lee Menefee
Copyright 2000