Blue-Eyed Daddy

...donít bury us
in glory ribbons
teddy bear flags
dog tag beer can
jump boots....
We were just men
boys really on a lark
with no idea
that we would fail
again and again
looking for cease fire,
rolling and bunching
the bed-clothes, trying
to find a spot that didnít
ache and moan;
donít bury us
before our time, before
the roses and our sweet
plump-handed daughters
squeezing our fingers
for dear life as they
toddle for the first
past sun-sprayed
laughing with their daddies
loving him
donít bury us
in silence and disdain,
we were men
boys really
on a glory lark
that peeled skin off
our hearts,
thinking it hell in the rice,
but learning real hell
at home
as we lived
a thousand yards
of blue eyes.

Constance Lee Menefee
Copyright 2000