Firebase Gangsta

The homeboys
heads over hot shoes
in my mind
with their boomer daddies
and the geckos
fuck-you lizards
doing manic push ups
and swelling
red, scaly neck flaps
out and out and out
staking a testy green claim to
tent flaps and sand bags
in In-do-chi-na
lookat me
lookat me
big and bigger, biggiest
donít cross me, man
in your face,
Iíll take you out
take you down,
drive by, bye-bye.

Their daddies played
the Cong
in the wire,
the boys
play each other
on the street...
mouthing and strutting
and puffing and rapping
and cool as skin over ice.

Constance Lee Menefee
Copyright 2000