Space-Time Continuum

Some wives
eventually run out
of room
I guess
the box at the back,
at the bottom of the closet
must have swollen
over the years
been subject to the general
theory of relativity as it applies
to the heaviest of dark matter:
last letters, photos of shirtless grinning
soon to be dead boys posed
against the sand bags
arms looped around each other
and their best friend
the rifle,
ribbons and medals too
if the top sergeant
hadnít run out
the day they finally
cut you loose;
must be bigger than it looks
bigger than that box
of god-awful Christmas tree
stuff from her dead aunt
that she shoves in your
hands every year:
Here, you always put these up before.

Anyway, the box is gone,
she sort of remembers a
cleaning frenzy one violet-peppered
spring morning
when it got in the way
for the last time,
like you feel
more and more,
dog-eared discharge papers
taking up more than
your share of space.

Constance Lee Menefee
Copyright 2000